Shyne Yoga is a very unique studio & I am so excited you are here!  

What makes us unique? We have created a calming & healing atmosphere by producing a safe container; meaning the space is simplistic and pure. Classes are small on purpose- to allow for growth and exploration.


The goal is to support each person wherever they are in their yoga journey.  Whether a beginner or advanced, there is a class that will fit your goals. The additional certifications allow for adaptions both for the body & mind and comfort for those with mobility challenges, chronic illnesses, PTS, trauma-sensitive or those seeking chair yoga.

Shyne has a dedicated focus & certifications to support our amazing Military, Veterans, & First Responders - who are welcome in any class or as a team or individual sessions (always Free). 

Please feel free to explore the site and connect with us at anytime. Blessings!

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 Whatever your reasons for Yoga, we are here to support YOU!

  • Strength & Tone muscles 

  • Increase range of motion

  • Activate the body after an injury or pain

  • Core Stability for Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Reduce extra weight & gain muscle

  • Breath work to help Anxiety 

  • Heal from Traumatic Events

  • Work through PTSD & Triggers

  • Meditation & slowing down

  • Improve Sleep

  • Grow in your Faith & Prayer Life

  • Find Your Purpose

  • Gain Confidence & Shine your Authentic Self

  • Become healthier 

  • or just to move your body more...

Beach Meditation

Meet The Team


Mya Torres

RYT 200, Zoom Yoga Instructor

  • Instagram

"I discovered the magic of yoga during my rehabilitation after having experienced a traumatic accident. It was in solitude and when I was unable to move that I realized how sublime life is. Things I had taken for granted suddenly turned into miracles. With this ultimate appreciation for life, I drastically changed my life course. Now, every day, I become what my intuition guides me to become. In my yoga classes, you can expect an experience filled with reflections that will allow you to feel supported in your practice, but also in your lives. For me, yoga has very little to do with postures, but rather with the connection we create with ourselves. Know that you will be welcomed with love no matter what state you arrive in my classes. Looking forward to meeting you soon."

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Brande Carr-Rakes


*200 hour YTT from Blue Osa which includes Muscle Activation Techniques, Meditations, Yoga Nidra & Hatha

*Warriors At Ease:

* Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (Evidence-Based approach for Military-Specific Challenges to include PTSD, TBI, MST, Moral Injury

*Adaptive Yoga  (Wheelchair users, TBI, mobility challenges, MST, polytrauma, prosthetics)

*Yoga for First Responders (Levels 1 & 2)

*Member of the Yoga Alliance

Coming Soon! 


Susan, Private Client

I feel like a celebrity getting a one-on-one yoga session designed specifically for me from the comfort of my own home and at such an affordable price !

Brande is a beautiful person inside and out. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. 

Melaine, Private Client

Brande is fantastic. Started private sessions recently and love working with her. Her studio is so calming and she has tailored my sessions around my goals. Five star-- highly recommended

Smiling Girl

Marianne, Chair Yoga

I had the wonderful opportunity to have yoga sessions with Brande. I was a little leery about it as I have several mobility issues due to various health conditions. 

What I experienced under Brande’s direction was  ways of finding calm when I was stressed. Moving my body in a way that was safe for me. Learning breathing techniques that help me everyday to relax and focus. 


Brande was understanding and knowledgeable and very aware of my needs and helped me to listen to my own body better.

The best part is all of these techniques help me focus on the future God has for me.

“We shine more from our authentic self & are able to be who we really are without the heaviness of our past burdens” Yogi Aaron
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  • Classes are $20 per session

  • Pre-Register for a Class -$18 (Use Pricing Plans on check out)

  • We run special themed classes for $15 

  •  "POP UP" classes at $10  so you can explore Yoga (Choose Pricing Plans at check out)

  • Not ready to go back to a class? Try the Private Session for only $35/Hour  

  • First Responders, Military & Veterans -  FREE  

  • Save $$=  Buy 5 classes & get 1 Free!! (Save $30)

  • Ready to Commit?? Check out or unlimited package

II am so glad you asked. Transparency is our middle name!  We have several pricing points to match your needs:

Cobra Pose

What to Expect at Shyne...

It's a little scary to go into a new environment, so here's a little guide on what to expect when you have the courage to step on your mat! 

Our classes are purposely small so that you can focus on your breath work and poses, but we are also here to have fun together-- To share in each other's journey, laugh and joyful. 


Stepping on your mat is hard enough, no one wants to worry about what to wear. So, wear whatever is comfortable to YOU! Seriously, you can do yoga in your jeans if you wish. 


Bring YOU!  While you are always welcome to bring your own items such as mat, blocks, straps- we also have all those things available for use while you practice. 

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Name about?

beginner yoga

How does Yoga,  Meditation and Breathwork Really  help? 

Connect with Me

 Text/Call 615.513.3562

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​Yoga, Meditation, & Breathing exercises are proven evidence-based techniques that provide essential resources in a healing journey.


These resources help to be at peace with the present moment, be still with feelings, and use the breath God provides to heal, grow, & find you again! 


Can really do Yoga?

Lots of people ask if they can actually practice yoga because their body has limited physical abilities including wheelchair users & amputees or chronic illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Down's syndrome & more.

The answer is YES, you can! I am passionate about supporting everyone with Yoga practices therefore we are all inclusive! This is achieved by adaptations to fit YOUR body, by using blocks, towels, and straps.  We have a class title Chair Yoga, which we sit in chairs for the session. This minimizes stress on your body. We also offer 'Boomers' Class, which is a standing only class so you are not getting down on the floor or your stomach. We also have beginners class, which is slow and begins to get you comfortable with the postures at your pace. 

Classes are very small (limit of 4-6 depending on the class) so that we can get to know our clients on an individual level, so that we can adapt poses and support your goals. 

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What makes us unique? 

At Shyne Yoga & Wellness, we believe it’s essential to invest in your health in order to become what God has created you to be; to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction.


We have a passion for the community and to be supportive to your goals. We have small classes on purpose- so we can dedicate time to each person- because every individual's body is unique- and teaching them tools to ensure they can shine as a person.


We also offer zoom and private practices to support everyone! 

As a First Responders & Military family, we have seen the exhaustion fulfilling this courageous lifestyle; thus my passion is to support this specific population with job-oriented breathing and drills. 

 Curious to find out more? Get in touch with Brande today.