Yoga by the Sea

Whether you wish to explore yoga, deepen your practice, or release stress from the body and mind, we have a space designed for YOU.



Our dedication is to support you through life's journey. 

Our commitment is to your goals, not ours.

Guiding you to become aware of your body, mind & breath.



Wellness Meditation
Tree Pose Yoga


A peaceful and calming

atmosphere abounds in the studio.

Purposefully designed with

soothing colors,

minimalistic style, and as

a safe container mindset.  

Shyne Yoga Mat


This popular options allows us to work one-on-one, practicing at your pace,

adapting for your needs 

& successfully attaining your goals. 

Shyne Private Session
Relax Meditation

Benefits of Yoga

*Strength & Tone muscles 

*Increase range of motion

*Activate the body after an injury or pain

*Core Stability for Balance


*Reduce extra weight & gain muscle

*Breath work to help Anxiety 

*Heal from Traumatic Events

*Work through PTSD & Triggers

*Meditation & slowing down

*Improve Sleep

*Grow in your Faith & Prayer Life

*Find Your Purpose

*Gain Confidence & Shine your Authentic Self

*Become healthier 

or just to move your body more

Shyne Supports Veterans

Veterans &

First Responders

First Responders see more trauma events in a week than most people do in a lifetime. We offer free classes to support the work and help you release the stresses of your shifts. 

Veterans and Military have sacrificed immensely for our communities, Free classes are a way we can say Thank You for all you do!

Cactus Inclusiveness


In addition to breathwork,

yoga includes beautiful postures for

every body type, mobility level & mental health ability.

Adaptive Yoga is beneficial for deconditioned muscles,

chronic illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's,

and anxiety, depression, PTS, & trauma-care.


1606 Hockett Road, Suite 3  Manakin, VA 23103

2 Minutes from Wegmans in Short Pump

Directly across from the Sunset Grill

Relaxing Chair Shyne