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You will feel supported the moment you enter the studio!

Beautiful, calming environment

Experienced, accepting staff.

Honoring your body and mind at every stage of the journey.

You set the goals. We provide the encouragement. 

Whether you have never stepped foot on a mat or are decades into your practice, we have a place for you.


Chair Yoga


Standing-Only Postures


Restorative (Candlelight)



Special Themed




IMG_4267 (1).jpeg

Private one on one sessions allow you to grow and feel confident in attaining the goals you set forth

in a less vulnerable atmosphere. 

We will meet for an evaluation, then the yoga breathwork, meditation and/or sequence of postures is written just for you to ensure success. 

Working together enhances the overall experience.


We can also provide a couples or family private session.

Or a Book Club, Bible Study, or special group!

Shyne can travel to your work's location and guide your team through a beautiful sequence designed just for your group!  Whether you have a small group or a large, we can adapt to your goals. Times range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. We an accommodate via zoom as well. Connect to discover how Yoga can improve efficiency & productivity while reducing stress levels. 

Yoga Class
Firehouse Gear

First Responders are at the heart of what we do at Shyne Yoga. We are here to support the ones who run into the crisis.

Whether you need us to travel to the Fire Houses, Police Academies, or training centers, we will work with you at no cost. 

We will do solo sessions to large classes, to every size in between. 

The Non -Profit for First Responders is coming soon!

Email to Get Started at your Station!

What makes Shyne unique is that we realize not everyone can make it to the studio. We offer services where we can come to your home; and if you have a pool we can offer Pool Yoga! 

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