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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Healing from any type of traumatic experience is a difficult but rewarding journey.  Instead of holding in that trauma,

you can find inspiration and heal from the past burdens.

Shyne Yoga is a unique experience , sharing the beautiful,

healing resources that Hatha Yoga has to offer. 

“We shine more from our authentic self & are able to be who we really are without the heaviness of our past burdens” Yogi Aaron

My Story

Healing is a difficult but rewarding journey, especially after enduring a past abusive marriage. I learned through therapy that I wasn't healing from the prior abuse at at hands of a narcissist because the body holds these emotional memories and traumas in different parts of the body.  I began to absorb every book, article, video and therapy I could to learn all aspects of healing. This lead me to Yoga.


Instead of holding in that trauma, I decided it was time to heal from the past burdens and found healing through my faith and yoga. Slowly, the body became a friend instead of the enemy. My mind began exploring and releasing trapped emotions.

My spirit became alive again. I had to learn all over again who I was.  

I began down the long road of learning about Post Traumatic Growth. And that we can actually retrain the Brain's neuropathways!

Neuroception & the Vegas Nerve are fascinating. 

And, after many certifications, I am here to hold space for you.

Meet The Team



RYT 200, Zoom Yoga Instructor

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"I discovered the magic of yoga during my rehabilitation after having experienced a traumatic accident. It was in solitude and when I was unable to move that I realized how sublime life is. Things I had taken for granted suddenly turned into miracles. With this ultimate appreciation for life, I drastically changed my life course. Now, every day, I become what my intuition guides me to become. In my yoga classes, you can expect an experience filled with reflections that will allow you to feel supported in your practice, but also in your lives. For me, yoga has very little to do with postures, but rather with the connection we create with ourselves. Know that you will be welcomed with love no matter what state you arrive in my classes. Looking forward to meeting you soon."

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*200 hour YTT from Blue Osa which includes Muscle Activation Techniques, Meditations, Yoga Nidra & Hatha

*Warriors At Ease:

* Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (Evidence-Based approach for Military-Specific Challenges to include PTSD, TBI, MST, Moral Injury

*Adaptive Yoga  (Wheelchair users, TBI, mobility challenges, MST, polytrauma, prosthetics)

*Yoga for First Responders (Levels 1 & 2)

*Member of the Yoga Alliance

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga Studio

Lil Harris

RYT 500, Yoga Instructor

Massage Table


Massage Therapist

I am a non-binary, licensed Massage Therapist that graduated from Fortis College in 2015. While attending school, I was deeply drawn towards reiki, reflexology & myofascial release modalities, but the beauty of therapeutic bodywork is that there is always so much to learn and incorporate into one's practice. 

Inclusion of all persons is important to me. I am passionate about creating a safe, comfortable & welcoming environment for all clients regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or race so that everyone can feel the countless and profound benefits of body work. Proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Yoga Class


Certified Yoga Instructor

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